Umso Subdomain Fix
Some of you who attempted to add an Umso subdomain to your free website may have encountered an error message indicating that a Pro upgrade is required to complete the process.
Free sites should be able to add Umso subdomains. We have resolved the issue and you can now add a custom Umso subdomain to your free site as long as it does not conflict with other sites using that subdomain within our platform.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at for assistance. Thank you for your understanding.
ZIP File Support for File Libraries
We've enabled ZIP file uploads for file libraries. This can be very practical for allowing customers to download multiple files easily. You can use our File Mapping feature to make a zip file available for download from one of your sites.
New Pricing and Free Tier
We have simplified our pricing. You can now have Free sites and Pro sites for $25.
Free site
Includes all of our features except for custom domains and site export. Free sites will also show a "Made with Umso" badge.
Pro site
A pro site gets all of our features including custom domains. Of course there is no Umso branding on pro sites.
These features are available for all sites
  • Custom code
  • Cookie banner
  • Site & page passwords
  • Multi-language support
All teams also get:
  • Unlimited team members
  • Analytics
  • Blogs
  • Custom forms
If you are already a paying customer, you can stay on your pricing for as long as you want. We've also made it easy for you to migrate to our new pricing. We have also enabled all base features for everyone.
If you would like to learn more about this pricing change, you can read our blog post on the topic.
Have a look at our pricing page here. If you have any questions or run into an issue with your site, please don’t hesitate to write us at
Variation Based Hiding
With this new feature, you're now able to hide sections for individual languages.
This is especially helpful if you want to
show different media, forms or lists
for each variation!
For further information, please check our help article here.
Introducing: Map sections
Umso's new map section makes it easier to guide customers into your store, headquarters, or upcoming events.
Customize the map to your exact needs:
  • Quickly type in a title, intro, and description for your location
  • Display a physical address, and add a Google Maps button with a single switch.
  • Customize your marker and text color from within the
    tab on the map page, and slide over to the
    tab to personalize further; there you can change the layout, spacing, and font of your Maps content.
  • If you want the extra-mile in customization, just head over to
    at the top of your editor, and modify colors, fonts, buttons and backgrounds to your brand’s delight.
Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 9
Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 9
Refer Friends & Get Rewards
When someone you invited starts a paid subscription, the person you invited gets a 100% coupon on their next invoice and your team gets a credit on the same amount of your subscription that will be applied towards future invoices (up to 3x the amount of your subscription).
To get started, go to copy your URL invite and share it with friends. Once they signed up or apply the code you will be able to track when they claimed the reward, and you can also see the credits applied to your subscription.
PS. You can only invite people who haven't started a trial or subscription yet.
Form Upgrade
We have made some big improvements on our forms and replaced our contact and email list section to now use Umso forms.
What is new?
  • Optionally hide the required * character on your form
  • Optionally hide labels
  • Optionally add legal text with or without required checkbox
  • Style your field border size, roundness, and color.
  • Updated form dashboard UI
  • Forms templates
What is next?
We will keep improving our forms, add more integrations and start adapting them to be used in other sections as well. If you have any recommendations let us know at
PS. If you had a contact form or email list section before, they won't be affected but if you delete that section you won't be able to add it again. We do suggest migrating to forms as they are more powerful and flexible and you can style them to look the same as our previous contact/email sections.
Domain Improvements
Domains now support explicit redirects. Before customers weren't able to have multiple domains for a specific language. With redirects, now you can have as many domains as you need for your language-based domain.
We have also made UI and UX improvements. We have updated our guides to help you get started with the new changes. Check out at
For example:
Stats section
We just released a
new section
With this section, you can display your stats and show them counting up animated on your published website.
You can add this new section to your website by selecting it like all other sections.
Icon Support for Buttons
Buttons can now have custom icons inside of them. You can also create buttons that only display an icon with the setting "Plain Icon".
Social Icons for our Team section
You can now set up individual social icons for your team members as shown below.
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